Project Description

Who’s up is an event based social networking iOS application in which a group of people can organize an event with in-app chat and payment sharing features. Helps you find time to play sports or hang out with friends and colleagues: Easier way to organize events and split the cost. Find out what others want to do. Build interest first before any organizing needs to happen. Reach out to a wider network of friends.


One of the major challenges faced in Who’s Up app is implementing secured chat functionality for which Layer(Third party) is used. Adding customized designs and features to the screen was a difficult task. The most important factor is the customization should not affect the performance and memory of the application.


Multi step authentication is developed for each user to access the chat server. End-to-End encryption is present to assure message transfer is secured. Encrypted messages can be stored and retrieved to and from the local database and server database.

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