Construction Employee Time Tracking App Development

Monitor your remote employees and track their productivity in real-time with the most advanced and automated time tracking application.

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Employee Productivity Tracker by Soft Suave


Use push notifications to prompt your construction employees to clock in and clock out so you can monitor and increase their productivity directly.

Employee Time & Attendance Tracking Software by Soft Suave

Time & Attendance Tracking

Track your construction field crew’s time & attendance efficiently to assign and manage jobs in real-time according to field employees’ availability.

Vehicle & Plant Monitoring Software by Soft Suave

Vehicle and Plant Monitoring

Monitor any number of vehicles and plants used in the field with a single click of a button in the time and attendance software and make your routine inspections stress-free.

Improved Payment Processing

Improved payment process

Automated mobile time tracking, report generation, and accurate payroll processing will help you with an accurate and hassle-free payment process.

Increase your Field Employees’ Productivity with Soft Suave.

Run a profitable construction business with Soft Suave's most flexible and productive time tracking software.

Task Distribution
and Status Tracking
Google Maps
Clock-in and
Easy Monitoring
and Inspection
Automated Payroll
Mobile Device

Task Distribution and Status Tracking

Our time tracking App allows employers to distribute tasks to field employees directly. Managers can also check the construction employees’ real-time availability in the field and assign tasks seamlessly. Employers and managers can even track the status of all the allocated tasks to the employees from anywhere, anytime. This feature allows them to follow the team’s progress with ease, simplicity and increase productivity effortlessly.

Task and Status Tracking Software by Soft Suave

Google Maps Integration

Integrated Google maps into Employee Time Tracking Software to track employees’ real- time working location, work status, breaks, and completion of work. The accurate positioning and colour tags will help you to know the real-time status of your construction field employees and manage their work directly.

Google Maps Integration Software by Soft Suave

Clock-in and Clock-out

Our time tracking software is integrated with one-touch clock-in and clock-out features to facilitate field employees to mark their attendance and indicate their productive hours to their employer. Employers can check this in real-time and plan the day accordingly. This feature acts as a time clock app that avoids time theft by the remote workers.

Clock-in & Clock-out Management Software by Soft Suave

Easy Monitoring and Inspection

Developed a provision for construction field employees to upload images of the field vehicles and plants before and after usage. This facility ensured the vehicles and plants were in good condition, although regular monitoring and inspection were done online.

Easy Monitoring & Integration Software by Soft Suave

Automated Payroll Management

Configured an efficient payroll and accounts management service system to synchronize the client’s data and manage financials accurately. Moreover, automated timesheets and report generation helped to process payroll accurately.

Automated Payroll Management Software by Soft Suave

Mobile Device Management

The Field Workforce Management Solution is integrated with MDM – Mobile Device Management. This tool helps you work without any worries of losing any data from your company. It monitors, manages, and secures employees’ devices when used in the workspace.

Mobile Device Management Software by Soft Suave

Employee Time Tracking Software for your Construction Industry

Monitor your remote employees and track their productivity in real-time with the most advanced and automated time tracking application.

Steps to Track your Construction Field Employees

Time tracking increases productivity. When you use our award-winning remote time and attendance tracking software to track your employees, you get accurate data on efficiency and time, which helps you understand their actual productivity and estimate their labour cost with accuracy. Moreover, we have successfully deployed our solution for many clients whose employees’ productivity at present is increasing exponentially. Let us see how you can get started.

  • Step 1

    Download our time tracking software for construction and install it in the respective devices of employers and employees.

  • Step 2

    Give user access to your construction field employees, and admin access to employers and managers.

  • Step 3

    Allow your field employees to clock in to start tracking their time and location.

  • Step 4

    Invite employers to monitor the active hours of remote employees and manage work accordingly.

  • Step 5

    Set due dates in the time and attendance systems to automate the payroll process.

  • Step 6

    Verify the timesheets and complete the payroll process in a single click.

Track your Construction Field Employees by Soft Suave
Track your Construction Field Employees by Soft Suave

Mobile Application for Construction Field Employees

Employee time tracking application from Soft Suave comprises of a mobile application for field employees. GPS is integrated into the mobile application to track accurate location of the remote workforce. It has all the essential features that help the field employees to make their presence felt in the construction site. Starting from clocking-in to the clocking-out, employees have to update their status throughout the day. This will help the employer to have a vast understanding of the tasks completed by the on-field employees.

Web Application for Employers

Web application in the Employee time tracking solution helps employers to monitor all the activities of the construction field employees through time cards. It also facilitates them to manage team members and assign tasks to the employees according to their availability status. The automated payroll management does not include any manual intervention; thus, the employer only needs to review the document and proceed to release the payment for the employees. Additionally, the web application also shows the exact location of the field employees in the real-time map for employers.

Web Application For Employees

Test our Employee Time Tracking Software for your Construction Industry

Download our time tracking application to experience the most effective and accurate time tracking and automated payroll management tool at zero cost. Check your business fit and develop your own custom time tracking application for construction industry in less than 30 days.

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Why Construction Worker Location Tracking App?

Employee Time Tracking Software from Soft Suave is efficient and accurate time sheet app. We have a proven track record of success in the construction and other on-field companies that have primarily succeeded by using our tool. Moreover, several companies have also reported a drastic increase in productivity, which has directly impacted the revenues of the companies.

Web Application For Employees


Third Party Feature Integration

3rd Party Feature Integration

Innovative & Cost Effective

Innovative and Cost-effective

Highly Responsive Functionality

Highly-responsive Functionalities

FAQs about Construction Employee Time Tracking Software

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

Employee Time Tracking Application starts time tracking when the employee clocks in from the construction site. The location data will be available on real-time for the employers to monitor the time and work efficiency of the employees. Moreover, there are a few tags that will highlight if an employee is on a break.

The data consumption is very low. It will never take more than 5% of your monthly data usage. Battery power depends based on your usage and the type of device you use.

Yes. With our time tracking application for field workers, you can manually manage the project and make the app follow the progress of your project. You can oversee the real-time project completion data and allocate tasks to your construction field employees accordingly.

The Employee Time Tracking Application calculates the time and generates data in the form of timesheets. These timesheets are sent to the payroll management tool to get in sync with the resource data available in the application. Finally, you get an exact amount according to their contributions in the field. Moreover, all these payroll management processes are automated.


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