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Being a topmost Android App development company in India, Soft Suave can dive into your business ecosystem, explore the entire market, understand your requirements, and capabilities to develop high-performance smartphone Apps.

Our offshore team consists of technically-trained Android App Developers, artistic UI/UX designers, experienced project managers, and business analysts. This aids us to craft smart Android solutions that are user-friendly and cost-effective. Moreover, we put maximum effort and the latest tech practices into each project to ensure we deliver the perfect App our clients desire. Furthermore, Our Apps are known for their excellent adaptability to devices of all shapes and sizes.

With a proven record of excellence, Soft Suave extends its Android App development services to all fields like Entertainment, Media, Fashion, Fintech, Medical, and Wellness.

Android App Development Services to reach a broader audience

Our deep knowledge and experience working with various Android tools & frameworks assist us to ensure our Apps place on the #1 position in Google Play’s Top Trending list.

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Custom Android App Development

On average, more than 3500 Apps are being added to the Play Store every day!. This makes Android a dominating mobile phone platform in the world. Hence, building a customized Android App for your firm is a great way to improve brand awareness and gain more users.

Soft Suave is your one-stop solution to craft App that's smooth, error-free & of high quality. We provide all kinds of custom Android App development solutions, thanks to our developer's strong grasp over Android’s toolkit & tech stack. Also, we follow a comprehensive Android application development process to provide you with an App that will help you in scaling your business to greater heights.

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Android App UX/UI Design

Having a solid UX/UI design is the only way to make sure your users can interact well with the App's features, content, and functions. Hence, the UX/UI part is one of the main components that can never be ignored. By understanding this, the Android app development team at Soft Suave aims to continuously achieve easy, enjoyable, and effective interactions between users and the App.

We always put our client's requirements at the center & user experience at the core. Moreover, we focus on creating attractive UX that lets the user navigate through the App with ease and make a fabulous first impression.

Dedicated Web Development Team Soft Suave

Android App Consulting

''Well begun is half done'' - This is true in the case of the Android App development process. Proper consulting gives room to plan the strategy and streamlines the development. We always analyze the project in and out and collect information like App’s goals and objectives, target audience, rival competitors, etc., before actually beginning the development process. This is where our project managers who have decades of experience come into play. They make sure we have all the necessary information about the project.

Besides, complete research about the feasibility of the project, requirement, budget, and the scope of the application helps us to craft a powerful, enterprise-grade App that effectively expresses your business characteristics.

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Android App Support & Maintenance

When a business develops an Android App and expects to perform well in the market consistently, maintaining and updating it is significant. An App with even a tiny bug leaves a bad impression among its users. Hence, we provide continuous support and maintenance services where we add new trendy designs and features. Plus, we ensure App support with new hardware/software, monitor performance, and audit against the latest versions of Android.

Apart from these, we also extend our App support & maintenance services to third-party Apps to keep them highly available, reliable, and relevant to evolving business needs.

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Android App Test Automation

Applications that deliver great usability are preferred more by users. To build such Apps, we can utilize a test automation process. Android App testing enhances the functionality, usability, and consistency of an App. Further, it determines whether it can be successfully downloaded, executed, and interacted with the supporting back-end content infrastructure.

As a leading Android App Development Agency, we follow the industry's best automation testing that supports us to deliver Apps that cover customer expectations and business objectives. Our testing team employs the best frameworks to perform automation testing that greatly increases the App quality and user experience.

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Android App Modernization

Adding new and trendy features is the key to preventing users from looking for alternative Apps. This is where App Modernization comes into play. It enables re-platforming, re-hosting, re-engineering, recoding, interoperability, rearchitecting as well as making changes to the application architecture.

Our Android developers utilize this modernization technique to give businesses the power to create new features and services that align with current business needs & feature goals and reduce security vulnerabilities. Also, this process is hassle-free as they'll only make the required changes and not the ones that are unnecessary. This makes us the most preferred Android Application Development Company in India.

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Soft Suave has a pool of certified and experienced Android App Developers who deliver your app development project on time and under your budget.

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List of Some Modern & Futuristic Technologies We Use

To offer start-to-end mobile app development services, our Android professionals use the following state of the art technologies.

Kotlin Development Company Soft Suave


Kotlin is a modern statically typed programming language that our Android developers adopt to boost productivity and code safety when developing an App.

Java Development Company Soft Suave


Java is the popular technology that can build applications using managed code that can be executed on mobile devices. Our extensive experience working with Java assists us to get most of its libraries, tools, and APIs.

XML Development Company Soft Suave


We have a dedicated team that utilizes this markup language to create layout files. Also, XML is a lightweight language that is simple yet scalable. Hence, it doesn't make the layout heavy.

AWS Development Company Soft Suave


AWS is a remarkable development platform that renders an end-to-end solution to develop, deliver, test, and monitor applications. Our software engineers utilize its broad set of tools and services to support workflows.

Azure Development Company Soft Suave


Being a public cloud computing platform, Azure provides authentication, data query, offline synchronization, and push registration capabilities while developing mobile Apps using resources in the Azure cloud.

Google Cloud Development Company Soft Suave


To help startups and SMBs, we implement Google Cloud Platform to get the benefits of Cost-efficiency, Exemplary safety, and Fast deployment while we create mobile Apps. Also, Google Cloud is one of the most versatile and affordable Cloud platforms out there.

Android Studio Application Development Company Soft Suave

Android Studio

Being one of the most popular Android App development platforms, Android Studio's flexibility and reliability are very high. This makes it a stable IDE. With its help, we easily accelerate development progress.



Expert Android App developers at Soft Suave use SQLite which is an open-source database to add, update, read, delete data. Also, SQLite supports all the relational database features.

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We always focus on delivering best-in-class app development services that will be loved by our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about our processes and how we work, with the help of the following FAQs.

Expert subject matter experts (SME) at Soft Suave assure the project meets the needs of the stakeholders, legislation, policies, standards, and best practices. Hence, concluding which sector the project belongs to and what technology stack it needs is made easy.

Being a trusted Android App Development Company, we employ reliable project management tools like JIRA, Click up, Redmine, and Aasana, which come in handy for proper planning, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, and tracking the time spent.

Yes, of course, we always seek a long-term relationship with our clients. Hence, we make sure our Apps are bug-free and achieve their goals consistently by providing constant support & maintenance services. Plus, we also update the App with the latest features and designs to maintain maximum user experience.

Yes, in fact, we didn't start the development process before signing nondisclosure agreements. We always take every measure to keep information about our clients and projects and ensure that their shared ideas are safe with us.

Our end-to-end Android App Development Services also include publishing applications on the Play Store. Therefore, you need not worry about the technicalities involved during App publishing.


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