Client Overview

Our client was a MedTech start-up and leading provider of online healthcare across borders. The client wanted to democratize access to advanced healthcare management for everyone with the help of mobile solutions and promote healthcare through innovation in telemedicine. The chief objective of the client was to connect healthcare professionals with patients and to have video calls on topics of health and well-being.



Client Requirements

The client approached Soft Suave to develop an interactive and easy-to-use telemedicine app on Android and iOS platform. The client demanded the app allow qualified doctors to register and get in touch with patients that have set up appointments based on the area of concern, such as psychology or general practitioner. As the world was stuck by pandemic, the client wanted futuristic features and functionalities that deliver state-of-the-art technology to people worldwide.

Awards & Certifications

Awards & Certifications

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Madhu K

Project Manager

Madhu is a Project Manager at Soft Suave, where our team develops the next-gen applications for global businesses. He will consult you on the web & mobile app development project.

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